Another Time

Sonnet Cottage
music and lyrics by Kent Heckaman


Torey Russell & Rachel Russell - vocals
Erik Sharar - acoustic guitar
Jeremiah Shaw - cello
Kyung Leblanc - viola
Jeff Reed - acoustic bass
Andy Hamburger - drums
Kent Heckaman - piano


Rain pitter patter, wake from a dream
Trying to recall the scenes - rewind
Recall the scenes

Familiar places, unknown actors
Telling me they are my friends, for life
Strange as it seems, they comfort me

Is this a sign of the future?
Snapshots of another time?
Living in another time

Stare at the ceiling, contemplating
Rain is now a drizzle, outside
Quiet and gray

Is this a crazy illusion?
My life in another time?
Visions of another time

Piecing together, the story board
From act one to the curtain, the end
What will it be?

Is this a movie with laughter?
Is this a biography?
Nothing to lose by just hoping
Living in another time

Dreaming of another time

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