Letting it All Go

Sonnet Cottage
music by Kent Heckaman, lyrics by Kent Heckaman & Ana Diaz


Rachel Russell & Torey Russell - vocals
Erik Sharar - acoustic guitar
Kurtis Parks - acoustic guitar
Andrew McKnight - acoustic guitar
Jeff Reed - acoustic bass
Andy Hamburger - drums
Kent Heckaman - piano, keyboards & percussion


Rushing in, rushing out – frantically                                                                                    
Find a space, wind it down – breathe in deep                                                                      
Letting it all go, be free 

Black is white, right is wrong - paradox
Search the sky, try to solve – everything                                                    
Time brings the answers, just let it all go, be free

As, the waves climb the shoreline
Relinquish with the tide

Finding wrong, criticize – weighing down
Love’s a light, load to bear – this is how
Letting it all go, be free

Answers sit, on the shelf – old clichés
This is what you should know – break away
And let it all go, finding a way to be free
Watch, the birds, ride the thermals
Stationary wings

Falling down, being hurt – left behind
Afraid to grow old alone – wasting time
Just let it all go, be free

Look beyond, leave behind – all the past
Live for what matters most – no regrets
Letting it all go, finding a way to be free

Thunder vibrates through my window
Fields soak in the rain

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