Pete's Last Cigar (avail on CD only)

Sonnet Cottage
music and lyrics by Kent Heckaman


Bonus Track on "Another Time".  
This song is a personal dedication to Kent's grandfather Ivo "Pete" Heckaman.  
Pete played guitar, banjo, harmonica and mouth harp...and sang a little too. 
Pete loved the Grand Ole Opry, Roy Acuff and Hee Haw.

Jed Duvall - lead vocal
Rachel Russell & Torey Russell - background vocals
Andrew McKnight - acoustic guitar
Lynn Kasdorf - pedal steel guitar
Randy Barrett - banjo
Tony Gerber - harmonica
Tim Lorsch - fiddle
Jeff Reed - acoustic bass
Andy Hamburger - drums


Pete was his nickname, a boy who loved ’ole popcorn Pete
School of hard knocks and then some, followed his dreams, boy from the farm

White shoes and Cadillacs, blue polyester pants
T-bones on the grill, playin’ his Gibson guitar

Bluegills off the pier, Phillip cigar perched in his jaw
Buck Owen’s red white and blue, Hee Haw and then Roy Acuff tunes

RVs to modulars, old Amish carpenters  
One big family, coffee at the B & B

Drive, to Florida, sip yellow birds, down by the pool
Hoosiers in Sarasota, a farmer’s tan, goats in the sun

Wabash Cannon Ball, mouth harp and grand harmonica
Learning to play his guitar, listening to Grand ‘Ole Opry

Now and again I remember the sound of his voice - ”Hey there you boys”
Seems like it was yesterday

March ’82 my mom called, she said ‘Ole Pete went home to God
Resting with his last cigar

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