Sisters Torey and Rachel Russell teamed up with producer Kent Heckaman in the summer of 2010 to create non-traditional, alternative folk music. Sonnet Cottage released their debut album Another Time in 2012. Sonnet Cottage added the talents of guitarist Buddy Speir and released Half Written Story in 2015, which features the ethereal guitar textures of Speir while not losing the acoustic structure from which the band was born. 

“Beautiful guitars and strings, gorgeous female vocals, I’d like to hear more from this artist!” Eric McLellan, A & R, Sire Records/Warner Bros

 “The tender sound crafted here is something special, with a delightful blend of harmony and narrative quality putting it into the Sarah McLachlan/Pamela Cole tradition.” NeuFutur Magazine

 “Two otherworldly voices slide delicately over the songs. They create a fragile, sometimes unearthly soundscape that entices you into its melodic harmony. This is Sonnet Cottage.” Dan Holland, Folk Words